Donate Today for Tax Time Giving 2023


Friends of Femili PNG believes that everyone deserves to live a life free of violence. That’s why we’re so committed to supporting Femili PNG to break the cycle of family and sexual violence in Papua New Guinea. We greatly appreciate the generosity of our donors in helping us to do this.

Supporting Femili PNG

Through each of their case management centres, Femili PNG helps survivors of violence to access safe accommodation, medical assistance, law and justice interventions, business start-up support, and more. They also train community leaders to support survivors locally, and educate families on how to address violence in their day-to-day lives.

Femili PNG started in 2014 as a case management service in Lae, supporting survivors of family, sexual and sorcery accusation-related violence to access the services they need. They then expanded in 2018 to assist survivors of violence in Port Moresby, as part of the Bel is PNG initiative. In 2021, they established yet another case management outpost in Goroka, after noticing an increasing number of survivors travelling from all over Papua New Guinea to access their services.

In 2022, Femili PNG assisted 1,217 survivors of violence to access the services they deserve. With your help, we can support them to expand their impact in the next financial year.

All donations made to Friends of Femili PNG go directly towards supporting Femili PNG’s vital case management services. By donating to us before 30th June, you can also claim a deduction on your tax return!

Calculate your potential tax deduction

Use the calculator below to estimate your potential tax deduction when you donate to Friends of Femili PNG this financial year. You can claim all donations over $2 on your tax return!

Expand your impact

Expand your impact in the next financial year by signing up to become a regular giver! A monthly donation of:

  • $45 can provide 25 case consultations to survivors of violence;
  • $70 can help a survivor relocate to escape violence; and
  • $100 can help Femili PNG’s outreach team to provide training and awareness to 540 people.

You will also be able to claim all regular donations over $2 on your tax return in the next financial year. Support survivors of family and sexual violence, and sign up as a regular giver today!

Donate today using the form below, or email [email protected] to donate via direct deposit.